how to work with scoby?;




vision & reality?

Related to the master project >re<.
In the first public discourse of the master‘s project, there are 2 continued questions. The reflections of which formed the basis of this project:

[1] What is Scoby & how is it made?

Taken as a whole, there is a small and scattered amount of information about alternative materials. On the one hand, this results in general unknowingness &, on the other hand, this favours a clear inhibition to work with sustainable design processes.

[2] Is the material suitable for realistic use?

All bio-based textiles need a pretreatment for their utilization, as well as an economically profitable cultivation. The bacterial cellulose is in these processes.


how to work with scoby!

From this knowledge, the project developed to establish this material with a high future-oriented and sustainable potential in the design sector.
For this, 2 factors have to be worked out, which are necessary for the acceptance as material in design.

[1] The demonstration of realistic application possibilities of bacterial cellulose in design, via a series of design objects.

[2] The easier understanding of a complex biological matter, through compressed information. Transfer via visual media of the manufacturing and processing techniques, which are based on the developed design objects.

The result of this project will be a guide in the form of 10 videos, the content would be pieces of information in a compressed, mostly non-verbal form.


The project was divided into 6 phases:

[1] Phase: Define the growing cycle
Criterion: Reduction of food competition!
; Development of a repeatable growing cycle.
Experimental studies of various factors within the growing cycle.

[2] Phase: pretreatment; Processing & define additional components
Criterion: preserve biodegradable of the material!
; Development of repeatable pre-treatment and processing methods, as well as testing the compatibility of other biodegradable materials.

[3] Phase: prototyping for video part: > choose an object <
Criterion: usability min. 1 season!
; Development of a prototype series of design objects, which combine the developed manufacturing & design processes, & documentation material for test videos.

[4] Phase: check the durability & usability of the objects & check the comprehensibility of the videos & laboratory investigation of degradability & dermatological check

[5] Phase: Implementation of design objects & video guide

[6] Phase: published video guide 




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