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„Most commodities live longer than their creators and consumers alike-for even a simple plastic bag will outlive us all many times over. [...] Therefore, as all objects that enter into this world are commodities, we must realize that this is not our world, but theirs.“ *


vision & reality?

/ A nylon fabric takes up to 40 years. A rubber boot sole up to 80 years and polyester fabric up to 200 years. None of them are biodegradable. During this time they brek down into tiny particles of their materiality. **

The increasing number of lifetime-graphics with mostly hypotetical values ​​symbolize a growing awareness among the consumernations that commodities made from materials of the technosphere (e.g. plastics) are already a serious threat to our world, which is at the limit of reproduction and capacity.

Recycling as an all-round solution should counteract this problem.


But only a minor percentage of plastics is regenerated by recycling companies (less than 10% worldwide ***). Furthermore, there is no guarantee that consumed goods will ultimately be added to the recycling cycle by the consumer.

We face a man-made problem where the man-made solution fails.

[* S.25,Neomaterialism,2013; Joshua Simon]


how to work with scoby!

/ In this project, a more radical different design-approach is explored in order to counteract the problem of durable and environmentally harmful commodities. The basis for this is the equally radical scenario that the consumer dumps the commodity directly (willfully or unintentionally) into the biosphere.


In response to this scenario, a series of accessories is being developed whose design concepts combine several sustainable design strategies, with the goal of 100% biodegradability in top of priority.

The recurring start of these concepts is the use of a natural and locally produced material called 'Scoby', which use brings a lot of benefits in all strategic points.

Integrated into this project, a guide will be created that visualizes the creation of each object in its entirety, from the explanation of the selected design strategies to the elaborated implementation. The goal of this guide is to communicate sustainable design processes so they can be easier applied by designer.







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